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About ProRange

Looking for a company you can trust to complete your painting job? You don’t have to look anymore! ProRange Painters are here to answer your questions, help you define your goals, and provide top services to complete whatever painting job you have in mind.

We use only the best quality paint, newest technology and expert painters to create a new look for your home. Update with the latest trends in home colors creating a beautiful style throughout your interior, or give the outside of your home a makeover with fresh paint that will make it look new again.

Why Choose Us?

We help you protect your home by providing a long lasting paint job. We strive to stay up to date on the latest paint technologies.

We make the process as simple as possible for you. Contact us, and we’ll examine your walls, assess what’s needed and prepare the area for repair. 

We mix our adhesives fresh on-site, and we don’t use any premixed adhesive wall patches. Which means it’s guaranteed to suit your wall and it’s more durable too. 

We mix paint in our factory with a brand new state of the art machinery. This machine uses the latest laser technology paint analyser to get your colour right the first time. 

We offer a lifetime warranty on all jobs with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We’ll beat all written quotes by 10%
we use the best of the best tools and materials
all materials are included free of charge

Our Services

We Fix Walls offers full wall solutions. From small plaster fixing jobs through to extensive scale wall restorations. We offer advice and experienced craftsmanship through a wide range of mending jobs to suit the needs of your walls