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What Are the Best Living Room Wall Colours For 2024?

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home but we believe that the living room is the area where most fond memories are made. This is the area where we host friends, enjoy get-togethers, open Christmas presents, enjoy lazy afternoons and where we all love to come together just to be comfortable. Most homeowners strive to create a living room with calm, soothing feel because it feels glorious to return home to such an atmosphere after a tough day at work. 

Decorative touches like soft scatter cushions, beautiful wall art and an array of vases and plants can do wonders for creating a tranquil vibe in the living room. But the decorative element that has the biggest impact on the vibe of your living room is the wall colours. Colours have a huge effect on the way we feel. Some make us feel lively and passionate, others can invoke feelings of peace and tranquillity. Some colours can make us feel light and happy and others can make us feel energized and in the mood to create.

If it is time for wall repairs Melbourne in a fresh coat of paint then you can consider the following popular wall colours to help create a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere this year. 

Olive Green

Natural plant life and olive or army green are hugely popular in fashion stores and home décor trends right now. Everyone seems obsessed with botanicals and it is all for the greater good. With more homeowners focusing on plants and gardening they help create a much better and healthier world. 

Olive green or light creamy green hues are brilliant picks for a living room. These natural hues complement plants perfectly and green is a colour that emphasizes feelings of harmony and renewal. Green offers a fresh feel to your living room and it is superb for breaking away from boring neutrals. This colour also has a good psychological effect on your mind and body. Green is a productive colour that encourages you to work harder and enhances focus.


Grey hues have been hugely popular over these past 5 years and will continue to be popular in 2024. 

Light grey can make your living room feel more spacious and the colour offers a modern and trendy feel. Grey also complements just about any other accented colours you might want to adopt in your living room such as yellow, red, green and even neutrals. 

The colour has a calming effect on your mind and offers a sophisticated feel to your living room. 

It is a fail-safe colour to choose if you are indecisive about your main colour theme for this area. 


Blue hues are terrific picks for hot and sunny areas. Blue naturally creates a cool feel inside a home and can help you feel cooler on those hot and sweaty days. Light blues are especially smart picks for your living room. The light colour offers a calm feel and light hues can easily be combined with a number of different colours including neutrals.

Champagne and Gold

Champagne colours or beige is another good pick for a living room that contains lots of timber furniture pieces or upholstery furniture with natural hues. This colour is also superb for trendy homeowners that love to add a splash of gold to the living room. Champagne wall colours will complement yet accentuate any gold decorations you might have in your living room. The colour also offers a warmer and calmer feel compared to bright colours.

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